First blog post


No matter what beliefs we have, we can’t deny we need each other. We are all connected in this journey called life. We are all students and have something to learn from each experience we have. I’m here to share my stories and if you feel so, you can do the same, so all of us can contribute in helping others to have a wider vision of what it’s called life. Words are powerful and life changing, so please just share your stories, and let the others to have their own conclusion. By giving advices, we take from the others their power of decision and this interferes with the law of free will. We are the masters of our lives and we have to ‘suffer’ the consequences of mistaken decisions. So we don’t want to reap what other sawed and we don’t want to saw what other reaped.

Wish you all wealth, health and love! And may your journey be a smooth one!

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