Inspired by nature

It’s nothing new and it’s not me discovering the wheel just now.

The nature, with all its beauties, inspired for many centuries geniuses who delighted our visual sense or changed our lives forever. It’s all out there ready for us. And it’s just up to us to decide whether to open the knowledge book of nature or not.


Van Gogh is one of them and he said : ‘If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere.’ ’How beautiful yellow is! It stands for the sun.’ Main colour in his paintings yellow, therefore scientists came later with the theory that Van Gough was suffering with Xanthopsia- ‘a colour vision deficiency in which there is a predominance of yellow in vision due to a yellowing of the optical media of the eye.’

See more details about xanthopsia here-


Another artist, this time an architect, A. Gaudi inserted in his projects elements inspired by nature. The best example for this is the well known Sagrada Familia, where the columns are mirroring trees or human body anatomy. ‘Anything created by human beings is already in the great book of nature.’ ‘Those who look for the laws of Nature as a support for their new works collaborate with the Creator.’


It’s no need to tell more about Barcelona’s architecture and Gaudi’s art, as I think this is a city that has to be seen at one point in this life and to be felt with an open heart. Gaudi’s work goes beyond rational thinking.


Sir Isaac Newton is another ‘super man’ who attributes a big respect to the nature and also finds it an inspirational source. ‘Nature does nothing in vain when less will serve. For nature is pleased with simplicity and affects not the pomp of superfluous causes.’ We all might be heard the apple story and how Newton came up with the theory of gravitation. If not, let me tell you briefly. It’s not known if that’s a real story or a myth, but it’s been said that Newton was sitting in the garden and after an apple fell on the ground he started to ask himself why the apple doesn’t go upwards or sideways and goes perpendicularly on the ground. Other story tellers are saying that the apple fell on Newton’s head. I haven’t been there hence I cannot confirm this being true, but it’s a funny story to be told to the children that aren’t very enthusiastic about the Physics. Sir Isaac Newton resting place can be found in Westminster Abbey, next to Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin and other more poets, artists and royalty members.


Another genius who gives credit to the nature is Albert Einstein, who received Nobel prize in ’21 for the photoelectric effect theory. He is known all over the world for the mass-energy equivalence formula and also for the theory of relativity.


He was a Jewish and while he was visiting United Stated, Adolf Hitler came to power, so he decided to remain in US, becoming an American citizen 7 years later, in 1940. He published over 300 scientific papers and more than 150 non-scientific works. Today we use the word Einstein as a synonym of genius. ‘Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.’

Don’t think it’s there any genius who didn’t praise the Nature, who didn’t find it being a muse. Nature manages somehow to disconnect us from the reality of our minds, from our mundane tasks, to reconnect our minds with our souls. The ancient civilisations didn’t use apps for weather forecast to know when it will rain, didn’t use a compass or navigation to find the right way. They used the inner intelligence that is still found deep inside us. The Nature gives us all answers when we reconnect with it. It’s harder these days as our minds are polluted with information through mass media or other socialising platforms, information that distract our attention from essential things. Who needs a partner when anyway marriage is just a myth? Don’t you see? Even Angelina Jolie got divorced? It’s all we see repetitively, what we hear. We are polluted and the connection with our inner intelligence is getting weaker. Going back in the nature is the same with going back to the origins, where we can find collective consciousness.

I find Nature being a family, a mother who protects and love and a father who provides. We use its resources, take them for granted, thinking that we can do it endlessly.


Have you ever thought that paperless post can save a tree from being cut down? Why should we bother to select our rubbish when anyway is just rubbish and we don’t need it anymore? Why should we bother to put the cigarettes ends in the bin when it’s more comfortable to throw them on the ground? Why should we be less ignorant? Why? Open your TV and you will see.


Respecting the nature and all what it provides to us, conserving the natural habitat of plants and animals, using smarter the resources available, stopping being so greedy and so self- centered, could prevent the catastrophic results that we have these days. The time for finding excuses has past. We cannot longer blame our families for not telling us, our teachers for not providing enough information, we are all grown ups and we can make a difference. Would you cut your dinner table for making a fire? Would you kill your dog for having a nice dinner? Would you place the toilet paper after you used it in your fridge? Would you put the cigarette end on the floor? Would you go hunting your child just for fun and shot him/her down to test your eyesight? And then to hang her/his skin on the wall so your friends can see how great you are? I think it’s time to realise how powerful we are, and to start using our powers to the benefit of this planet. We can change the world, by changing ourselves. It’s time to stop finding excuses for who we are. We have no excuses. If you read this, that means you have a computer, a tablet or a phone and access to internet. That means you can google everything. It’s not about not having time. It’s all about prioritizing.

It’s far more easy to be an ignorant rather than working with yourself to be a better human being. Cause this is what we are in the end. How do you plan to start to make your life count? How do you intend to inspire others? I’m sure you feel that your presence on this Earth is more than for paying your bills. I’m sure once in your life you had the feeling that you are meant to be someone who can make a difference. Start with little things and discipline your mind. It’s all about of who you are in this present moment and what leave behind. Enjoy the trip and see where that leads you.

Thank you for the images


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